Based on the excellent basic, translational, and clinical research of the DZL partner institutions, it is the aim of the DZL to successfully transfer research results into clinical developments for the benefit of patients.   This transfer ultimately requires transforming those developments into commercial applications.  Furthermore, intellectual property rights resulting from DZL projects must be secured to benefit the DZL.

Although seemingly straightforward, the management of intellectual property is a challenge due to the structure of DZL as a membership corporation (e.V.) with a large number of independent partners with different organizational and legal structures. While the interests of DZL have to be secured, it is at the same time important to respect and consider the independence of its member institutions and their manifold organizational and legal structures. 

In order to ensure a systematic and effective exploitation of research results, the technology transfer organizations working with and for the individual DZL partners have agreed to come together and to found the

 DZL Technology Transfer Consortium.

This consortium acts as “one-face-to-the-customer” for DZL scientists as well as external parties  

Within the DZL Technology Transfer Consortium eight  participating technology transfer organizations join forces and expertise for the benefit of DZL.