DZL-wide Abstract Screening

Prior to the two major annual events of the DZL, the internal DZL Annual Meeting and the International DZL Symposium, all poster and presentation abstracts submitted by DZL scientists will be screened by the DZL Technology Transfer Consortium. In the event that patent relevant results are identified the scientists are informed in due time and further proceedings are planned jointly.  

DZL Abstract Screening Hotline

A "DZL Abstract Screening Hotline“ is available to all DZL scientists year round. It will be accessible through the DZL-Intranet or by contacting Dr. Annegret Zurawski.  A response time of no more than 3 working days is guaranteed.


Soon DZL will start to collect the following statistics in the context of securing intellectual property rights for DZL through the DZL Technology Transfer Consortium:

  • number of announcements of inventors and patent applications
  • number and type of exploitation contracts
  • amount of earnings through exploitation

In addition, all corresponding documents are collected and documented.