Prof. Dr. Andreas Günther (UGMLC), PD Dr. Anne Hilgendorff (CPC-M)

(Administr. Coordinator: Dr. Antje Brand (CPC-M))




Diffuse parenchymal lung diseases (DPLD) comprise more than 100 different entities yet share similar pathomechanistic principles, including progressive fibrosis of the pulmonary interstitium, distortion of normal lung architecture, and respiratory failure. Fibrotic alterations in DPLD can occur secondary to acute or chronic lung injury provoked by chemotherapy, toxin inhalation, collagen vascular disease, ventilation, or as an idiopathic entity (idiopathic interstitial pneumonia).  Most DPLD patients exhibit a poor prognosis in the absence of medical treatment. One form of DPLD, Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF), in particular, displays a progressive, devastating, and ultimately fatal course of disease which is largely resistant to medical treatment. As such, lung transplantation remains the only therapeutic intervention with a known survival benefit for IPF patients. Due to the urgent unmet medical need, the DZL DPLD program primarily focuses on IPF.  The DZL aims to identify novel molecular paradigms and targets for the treatment of IPF, with the expectation that such discoveries will be transferable to positive outcomes for patients with other forms of DPLD.


  • Continuous acquisition, maintenance, and provision of well-characterized patient histories and biomaterials
  • Exploration of health economics of DPLD including evaluation of different aspects of patient care and the cost-effectiveness of treatment options
  • Precise identification of initial trigger events and secondary hits in fibrosis
  • Careful dissection of early cellular responses during the development of fibrosis (e.g., regenerative responses, developmental pathways, cellular plasticity, trafficking and crosstalk, fibroblast activation, and matrix deposition)
  • Exploration of cell-based therapies for treatment of DPLD

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