Prof. Dr. Veronika Grau (UGMLC), Prof. Dr. Dr. Axel Haverich (BREATH)

(Administr. Coordinator: Dr. Annegret Zurawski (BREATH)




Various acute and chronic lung disorders ultimately lead to endstage lung disease (ELD). Once all options for mechanical ventilation have been exhausted, only two treatment options remain for these patients on the brink of death:  extracorporeal lung oxygenation (ECMO) and lung transplantation (LTx)  Today ECMO therapy remains restricted to short-term application, primarily as bridge to transplantation and as bridge to recovery in acute pulmonary infectious disease (for example, H1N1). In chronic injury, LTx remains the only available therapy with the potential of true long-term survival. LTx, however, is limited to highly selected patients, excludes any pulmonary malignancy, and long-term survival can be severely compromised by chronic rejection. Regenerative therapies that promote endogenous repair, cell transplantation, or tissue engineering are currently not available.  The DZL ELD program aims to refine transplantation procedures and to minimize acute and chronic rejection.  It also aims to optimize ECMO therapy towards fully implantable devices and set the stage for regeneration of diseased lung tissue.


  •  Refine transplantation towards optimised long term function by avoiding acute and chronic rejection
  • Optimise ECMO therapy via improved membrane surface and cannulation techniques towards fully implantable devices
  • Regeneration of the diseased lung by cell therapy towards tissue engineering of the entire organ
  • Autotransplantation of the lung after ex vivo treatment during ECMO support of the recipient
  • Establishment of a Postgraduate School of Extra-Corporeal Circulation for training of health care personnel and physicians
  • Comparative healthcare assessment including quality of life and cost analyses for various disease subsets and after replacement therapies

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